Stage mode (1~4 players)

Easy mode where you can play while learning the operations of TwoHandsEggs!

There are 6 stages in each of the 4 worlds, and this mode alone is about 2 hours long!

Challenge mode (1~4 players)

Highly difficult challenge mode! It’s a really difficult stage, so do it when you have the energy to forgive yourself for being unreasonable!

Mini game mode

Egg Sumo (2~4 players)

Battle mode where you push your opponent out of the arena!

Let’s compete on various stages!

Volley Eggs

Showdown with volleyball!

You can play both individual and team games!

You can also play different games such as spiny balls, flying balls, frozen stages, etc.

Pick up Eggs

Mode to collect falling eggs! Disturb other players while picking up eggs.