Two Hands Eggs

Two hands! Lots of fun! Two hands egg is just a normal egg…except for the fact that it has two hands! You can also turn into a two hands egg and run, jump, and swim!

Two Hands Eggs Early Access on 4/11!!

What kind of game is it?

“Two Hands Eggs” is a pop-up cooperative game for 1~4 players!

It is a physics-based action game designed for everyone to play together!

Our goal is to create a “slapstick cooperative” game that makes you laugh and enjoy pulling each other’s legs together!

Necessary controls!

All you need for “Two Hands Eggs” is the two sticks on the controller!

These correspond to the”Two Hands” of Two Hands Eggs!

Walking, jumping, braking, punching, crawling
You can use these two sticks to perform various operations!

Unnecessary controls!

Use the cross button to change the direction of your gaze, and the AB button to switch facial expressions!

You can use it to be happy about your friends’ successes or to pretend not to know them.

By the way, if you smile right after your friends die, the hidden achievement “Why are you laughing?” will be unlocked.
There are many more achievements like this, and we plan to add more in the future!

Still Early Access!

“Two Hands Eggs” is still a work in progress!

We will continue to update the game as we gather feedback from those who have played it!

We will be adjusting the balance of existing modes, adding new modes, and more!

You can give us your opinions in the Steam community or in the comments on the official website. and comments on the official website (here!).

Please look forward to seeing what kind of game “Two Hands Eggs” will evolve into in the future!

About the amount

For us, feedback from players in the early access phase is especially valuable!

That’s why we keep the price low in the early access phase.

With each major update, we will increase the price of the game.

We have not yet decided on the price when we fully release the game, but we are aiming for around 8$.

We will not take any additional money from users who have purchased the game.

Those who support us from Early Access will be able to enjoy the game after the full release with the initial amount.