To all the streamers!

Allow video streaming.

I would be very happy if you could do it!

Of course monetization is also OK!

You do not need to include copyright notices!

However, we would be thrilled if you could incorporate the name “Two Hands Eggs” in your video title or promote Tamago Eggs in some way!

By the way, we chose the name Tamago Eggs for our duo because it embodies our intention to create and nurture together as a couple!

Basic Rules:

  • The rights to this game, including copyright, belong to Tamago Eggs.

  • Prohibition of defamation or any behavior that could be a nuisance to other players.

  • Prohibition of using the game in a way that infringes, or could infringe, on the rights of third parties.

  • Prohibition of content that includes political or religious assertions or hate speech.